Map - Hope Town (Hope Town District)

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Hope Town (Hope Town District)

Hope Town is one of the districts of the Bahamas, on the Abaco islands as well as a small village on Elbow Cay, located in Abaco. Golf carts are the main source of transportation, and most of the supplies for the area are brought in by barge each week. In Hope Town, neither cars nor golf carts are permitted in the main part of town. Only bicycles and walking are permitted. Cars and golf carts are permitted on the outskirts of town, however. All the buildings that are built must adhere to Bahamian Architecture at the discretion of Town Planning. The seat of the Hope Town District Council is in Hope Town, and most of the meetings are held there. 

Map - Hope Town (Hope Town District)

Latitude / Longitude : 26° 46' 16" N / 77° 19' 44" W | Time zone : UTC-5:0 / UTC-4 | Currency : BSD | Telephone : -241  


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