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Central Serbia

Central Serbia , also referred to as Serbia proper , is the part of Serbia lying outside of the provinces of Vojvodina and Kosovo (AP Kosovo and Metohija). Central Serbia is a term of convenience, not an administrative division of Serbia as such, and does not have any form of separate administration. Until 2009, it was a statistical region; with the formation of new statistical regions of Serbia in 2009–2010, it was transformed into three new regions: Region of Belgrade, Region of South and East Serbia, and Region of Šumadija and Western Serbia.

Central Serbia is the historical core of modern Serbia, which emerged from uprisings against Ottoman Empire from 1804 to 1815. In the following century, Serbia gradually expanded south, acquiring South Serbia, Kosovo, Sandžak and Vardar Macedonia, and in 1918 it merged with other South Slavs into Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The borders of Central Serbia were defined after World War II, when Serbia became a republic within SFR Yugoslavia, with Kosovo and Vojvodina as its autonomous provinces. 
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Latitude / Longitude : 44° 0' 0" N / 21° 0' 0" E | Time zone : UTC+1:0 / UTC+2 | Currency : RSD | Telephone : 381