Map - Dubréka Prefecture (Préfecture de Dubréka)

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Dubréka Prefecture (Préfecture de Dubréka)

Dubréka is a prefecture located in the Kindia Region of Guinea. The capital is Dubréka. The prefecture covers an area of 4,350 km² and has a population of 330,548.

The prefecture is divided administratively into 7 sub-prefectures:

* 1) Dubréka-Centre

* 2) Badi

* 3) Falessade

* 4) Khorira

* 5) Ouassou

* 6) Tanéné

* 7) Tondon


Map - Dubréka Prefecture (Préfecture de Dubréka)

Latitude / Longitude : 10° 15' 0" N / 13° 25' 0" W | Time zone : UTC+0 | Currency : GNF | Telephone : 224  


Dubréka Prefecture
Dubréka Prefecture
Dubréka Prefecture
Dubréka Prefecture
Dubréka Prefecture
Dubréka Prefecture

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