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São Gonçalo (São Gonçalo)

São Gonçalo is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. It is on northeastern Guanabara Bay in the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area.

It is located at 22° 49′ 37″ S, 43° 3′ 14″ W at an altitude of 19 m above sea level. Its population in 2009 is 1,010,212 inhabitants, being the second most populous city in the state after the capital.

The population of São Gonçalo was 973,372 in 2006, and its area is 249 km².

It is the second most populous city of the state, after the capital Rio de Janeiro city. Until recently it was the third largest, when Mesquita was split off as its own city from Nova Iguaçu.

The municipality contains 4% of the 1,936 ha Guanabara Ecological Station, created in 2006. It contains part of the Central Rio de Janeiro Atlantic Forest Mosaic of conservation units, created in 2006.


Map - São Gonçalo (São Gonçalo)

Latitude / Longitude : 22° 48' 56" S / 43° 2' 28" W | Time zone : UTC-2:0 / UTC-3 | Currency : BRL | Telephone : 55  


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São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro
São Gonçalo, Rio de&nbs...
São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro
São Gonçalo, Rio de&nbs...

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