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Rosario de Perijá (Municipio Rosario de Perijá)

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The Rosario de Perijá Municipality is located in Zulia, Venezuela. It was founded in 1989. The municipality has a total surface of 3543 km² and it has some 67 712 inhabitant (2001 census). Its capital is Villa del Rosario. The municipality is made of three civil parishes: Donaldo García (7.489 inhab.), El Rosario (53.953 inhab.) and Sixto Zambrano (6.270 inhab.).

The local economy is based primarily on cattle raising. There is also an important exploitation of limestone for the cement industry. 
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Latitude / Longitude : 10° 19' 33" N / 72° 18' 52" W | Time zone : UTC+-5:-30 | Currency : VEF | Telephone : 58  

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