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Nor Carangas Province

Nor Carangas is a province in the northern parts of the Bolivian department of Oruro. Its seat is Huayllamarca.

Nor Carangas province is one of sixteen provinces in the Oruro Department. It is located between 17° 46' and 18° 09' South and between 67° 13' and 67° 41' West.

The province borders La Paz Department in the north, San Pedro de Totora Province in the west, Carangas Province in the south, Saucarí Province in the southeast, and Cercado Province in the northeast.

The province extends over 70 km from northwest to southeast, and 25 km from northeast to southwest.


Map - Nor Carangas Province

Latitude / Longitude : 17° 50' 15" S / 67° 56' 36" W | Time zone : UTC+-4 | Currency : BOB | Telephone : 591  


Nor Carangas Province
Nor Carangas Province
Nor Carangas Province
Nor Carangas Province
Nor Carangas Province
Nor Carangas Province

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