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Maoputasi County (Mauputasi County)

Maoputasi County is located in the Eastern District of Tutuila Island in American Samoa. Maoputasi County compromises the capital of Pago Pago and its harbor, as well as surrounding villages. It was home to 11,695 residents as of 2000. The county is represented by three senators in the American Samoa Senate, and five representatives in the House of Representatives, more than any other county.

Besides Pago Pago, it is home to the following villages: Anua (2010 pop. 18), Atu’u (pop. 359), Aua (pop. 2,077), Faga'alu (pop. 910), Fagatogo (pop. 1,737), Fatumafuti (pop. 113), Leloaloa (pop. 448), Satala (pop. 297), and Utulei (pop. 684).

The 2009 Samoa earthquake and tsunami did major structural damage to the port facility in Fagatogo and elsewhere in the county.

* American Samoa Fono, the American Samoa legislature in Fagatogo

* Blunts Point Battery, National Historic Landmark on Matautu Ridge in Utulei

* Breakers Point Naval Guns, World War II-era defensive fortification, listed on the National Register of Historic Places

* Church of the Sacred Heart, in Anua

* Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph the Worker, the Roman Catholic cathedral of American Samoa, in Fagatogo

* Courthouse of American Samoa, in Utulei, listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places

* Fagatogo Market, a marketplace in downtown Fagatogo 

Map - Maoputasi County (Mauputasi County)

Latitude / Longitude : 14° 15' 28" S / 170° 42' 12" W | Time zone : UTC+-11 | Currency : USD | Telephone : -683  


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Country - American Samoa

American Samoa (Amerika Sāmoa, ; also Amelika Sāmoa or Sāmoa Amelika) is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Samoa. Its location is centered around 14.2710° S, 170.1322° W. It is on the eastern border of the International Date Line, while independent Samoa is west of it.

American Samoa consists of five main islands and two coral atolls. The largest and most populous island is Tutuila, with the Manua Islands, Rose Atoll, and Swains Island also included in the territory. All islands except for Swains Island are part of the Samoan Islands, located west of the Cook Islands, north of Tonga, and some 300 miles (500 km) south of Tokelau. To the west are the islands of the Wallis and Futuna group.
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