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Māzandarān Province (Ostān-e Māzandarān)

Mazandaran Province, ( Ostān-e Māzandarān/Ostân-e Mâzandarân), is an Iranian province located along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea and in the adjacent Central Alborz mountain range, in central-northern Iran.

Mazandaran Province is one of the most densely populated provinces in Iran and has diverse natural resources, notably large reservoirs of oil and natural gas. The province's four largest counties are Sari, Amol, Nur, and Tonekabon. It was founded in 1937.

The diverse nature of the province features plains, prairies, forests and rainforest stretching from the sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea to the rugged and snowcapped Alborz sierra, including Mount Damavand, one of the highest peaks and volcanos in Asia.

Mazandaran is a major producer of farmed fish, and aquaculture provides an important economic addition to traditional dominance of agriculture. Another important contributor to the economy is the tourism industry, as people from all of Iran enjoy visiting the area. Mazandaran is also a fast-growing centre for biotechnology.


Map - Māzandarān Province (Ostān-e Māzandarān)

Latitude / Longitude : 36° 15' 0" N / 52° 19' 60" E | Time zone : UTC+3:30:30 / UTC+4:30 (Summer) | Currency : IRR | Telephone : 98  


Māzandarān Province-Environment-Mazandaran Relief Map
Mazandaran Relief Map
Māzandarān Province-Climate-Alborz Mountains1
Alborz Mountains1
Māzandarān Province-Demographics-Mazandaran Population history chart
Mazandaran Population history chart
Māzandarān Province-Transportation-Mazandaran Sevatcow Dowab
Mazandaran Sevatcow Dowab
Māzandarān Province-In literature-Caspian Sea in Mazandaran
In literature
Caspian Sea in Mazandaran
Māzandarān Province-In literature-The battle of Mazandaran
In literature
The battle of Mazandaran
Māzandarān Province-In literature-kangelo castle0
In literature
kangelo castle0
Māzandarān Province-In literature-غار هوتو - دهانه پایین و بالا
In literature
غار هوتو - دهانه پایین و بالا
Māzandarān Province-In literature-Lake miansheh
In literature
Lake miansheh
Māzandarān Province-In literature-Caspian sea in sunset, Babolsar, Mazandaran, Iran taken by Arashk Rajabpour
In literature
Caspian sea in sunset, Babolsar, Mazandaran, Iran taken by Arashk Rajabpour
Māzandarān Province-In literature-Poulad castle Baladeh Mazandaran Iran
In literature
Poulad castle Baladeh Mazandaran Iran
Māzandarān Province-In literature-Sangeno
In literature
Māzandarān Province-In literature-Derah111
In literature
Māzandarān Province-In literature-Babol museum
In literature
Babol museum
Māzandarān Province-In literature-Tomb Mausoleum Mir sayyed Heydar Amuli (Seyyed 3 tan)fakhrul islam and rukn al din Amuli
In literature
Tomb Mausoleum Mir sayyed Heydar Amuli (Seyyed 3 tan)fakhrul islam and rukn al din Amuli
Māzandarān Province-In literature-برج رسکت خشتی میان جنگل
In literature
برج رسکت خشتی میان جنگل
Māzandarān Province-In literature-Amol moalagh(Felezi) bridge
In literature
Amol moalagh(Felezi) bridge
Māzandarān Province-In literature-Shahrak-e Namak Abrud (4)
In literature
Shahrak-e Namak Abrud (4)
Māzandarān Province-In literature-چشمه عمارت (1)
In literature
چشمه عمارت (1)
Māzandarān Province-In literature-Kolbadi house
In literature
Kolbadi house
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