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Los Ríos Region (Región de Los Ríos)

The XIV Los Ríos Region (Spanish: XIV Región de Los Ríos, literally in English: XIV Region of the Rivers) is one of Chile's 15 regions, the country's first order administrative divisions. Its capital is Valdivia. Pop. 363,887 (2012 census). It began to operate as region on October 2, 2007. It was created by subdividing the Los Lagos Region in southern Chile. It consists of two provinces: Valdivia and—the newly created—Ranco that was formerly part of Valdivia Province.

The region's economy is based on forestry, cattle farming, tourism, manufacturing, and services. Key industries include the Valdivia Pulp Mill, Valdivia's shipyards, and the dairy facilities located in La Unión.

About half of the population lives in the commune of Valdivia. 
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Latitude / Longitude : 40° 0' 54" S / 72° 30' 55" W | Time zone : UTC-3:0 / UTC-4 | Currency : CLP | Telephone : 56  

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