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Buraidah (Buraydah)

Buraydah is the capital of Al-Qassim Province in northcentral Saudi Arabia in the heart of the Arabian peninsula. Buraydah lies equidistant from the Red Sea to the west and the Gulf to the east. It has a population of 609,000 (2010 census).

Buraydah, the regional capital of Al-Qassim Province, is located on the edge of the Wadi Al-Rummah.
Buraydah has a typical desert climate, with hot summers, cold winters and low humidity.

In Buraydah, agriculture is still the cornerstone of the economy. The traditional oasis products of dates, lemon, orange and other fruits are still important. Modern introduction of wheat production has become so successful that Buraydah is one of the largest producers in the kingdom, important in making Saudi Arabia a net exporter of cereal. 
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Latitude / Longitude : 26° 19' 34" N / 43° 58' 30" E | Time zone : UTC+3 | Currency : SAR | Telephone : 966  


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