Map - Guernsey Airport (Guernsey Airport)

Guernsey Airport (Guernsey Airport)
Guernsey Airport is an international airport on the island of Guernsey and the largest airport in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. It is located in the Forest, a parish in Guernsey, 2.5 NM southwest of St. Peter Port and features mostly flights to Great Britain and some other European destinations.

The airport was officially opened on 5 May 1939. However, regular air services only commenced in October 1946. By 1948, BEA were operating a daily service to Southampton using Douglas DC-3 aircraft. From 1951, Jersey Airlines flew BEA associate scheduled services to Southampton at weekends using Rapide eight-seat biplane airliners.

In 1960 there were four grass runways, with lengths ranging from 2040 ft to 3060 ft. 1960 also saw the construction of a new tarmacked runway of a length of 4800 ft. In early 2000s alongside the work on the new terminal, the States of Guernsey Commerce and Employment department claimed an extension was necessary to allow use of larger aircraft such as the Boeing 737 Classic or Airbus A320 family for trans-European flights. In 2012, a set of four two-day closures under the Airport 2040 programme allowed contractors for the States of Guernsey to resurface the existing runway, extend runway end safety areas and also reconstruct parts of the concrete apron areas. Taxiways which connect the aprons to the runway were also resurfaced and realigned, whilst a new drainage system was implemented. New airfield ground lighting and navigational aids were also installed.

Aurigny has its head office on the airport property. At one time the Channel Islands subsidiary of British United Airways had its head office on the airport property.

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Map - Guernsey Airport (Guernsey Airport)
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Guernsey (Guernésiais: Guernési; Guernesey) is the largest island within the Bailiwick of Guernsey, a self-governing British Crown Dependency off the coast of Normandy, France.

It is the second largest of the Channel Islands, an island group roughly north of Saint-Malo and west of the Cotentin Peninsula. The jurisdiction consists of ten parishes on the island of Guernsey, three other inhabited islands (Herm, Jethou and Lihou), and many small islets and rocks.
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